Our Customers HiPerLUX
  • I have always preferred to sleep on my side, but am a larger person, and have had difficulty finding something that could support my weight so I didn't sink too far into the mattress, while at the same time not putting excess pressure on my shoulders and hips or pushing me too far upwards.  The Wonderful mattress is the first mattress I sleep well on all night, my back seems supported, and I wake up without shoulder and hip pain.  Only have had it for 2 months but so far so good! 

    - Tony P.

  • My wife and I each got a Twin XLs on adjustable bases and are sleeping well - so far the beds are comfortable and supportive whether we sleep on our sides or back.  Quiet sleep on the adjustable is great for side sleeping. I wouldn't call either bed soft, but they really fit and mold well to our hips and shoulders.  

    - Mr. & Mrs. C

  • We purchased a Wonderful.  My husband has had the best sleep he has had in years. He is a side and back sleeper. I have got some relief from his snoring, as he doesn't seem to snore as badly, or sometimes not at all when he sleeps on his side now. I originally, thought it was too hard as I am only a side sleeper, but after a month, I am sleeping a lot better.

    - Rebecca A.

  • We purchased a King Incredible+ and really like it, it is kind of plush and a little bouncy and is just super comfortable whether we are on our back or side.   After laying down for a few minutes you feel the coolness of the cooling stuff coming through.  We both are enjoying this a lot more than our first memory foam mattress we bought about 10 years ago.  The tencel sheets are also super soft and fit the bed perfectly.

    - Karen and Jason H.

  • The best mattress we have ever owned by far!  I don't move or toss or turn almost all, and wake up feeling really good.  My wife and I finally both like our mattress, and are sleeping more soundly.  We got the bundle with the sheets and protector and a very happy with those also.

    - Quentin M.

  • This mattress is extremely comfy with just the right amount of bounce and cushiness(I think that's a word). Definitely, the best mattress I have owned eve though admittedly, I have not owned a lot of mattresses, but it is also much nicer than the mattresses I have slept on in hotels when traveling also.

    Monica H.

  • For a guy that has endured chronic back pain, the Wonderful Mattress
    Is just what the doctor ordered.....a nice blend of memory foam that is not too hard
    But not too soft .. sleeping on the bed is great as you don’t sink too far in. 
    I feel great and refreshed every morning. My wife wants to sleep in every day

    Also love the Tencel sheets! This summer has been hotter than normal and sheets has helped Keep it cool and comfortable. 

    Since you are using your mattress essentially 1/3 of your time, the Wonderful is a wonderful investment. We would recommend to anyone 

    - Keith and Nancy M

  • Amazing mattresses!! Firm yet soft and comfy! You don’t know what a great mattress is until you lay down on one of these!

    - Mike Miville

  • We got one of the first models and absolutely love it! Best sleep we’ve had in a long time!

    - Ryan Benner

  • We know the founder, and bought one of the final prototypes along with an adjustable base.  We were looking for a firmer feeling bed with good back support and so far love the Wonderful 

    - Brad & Cindy S.